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Spesial Sambal ; Mister Lele

by - 4:01 PM

My friend always has a trick to ask me going out with him. In this case for culinary. Actually I enjoy it and I do love eating, but sometimes I have to control it as my body is getting big everyday. Ooopppssss.....

Do you know the trick? It's sambal pedas, spicy sauce. Once he told me about the food which is having sambal pedas, then I will say YES. Now, I'm trying Spesial Sambal ; Mister Lele. We order the rice, water spinach, fried catfish, fried chicken, crispy eggplant, sambal sereh (lemongrass sauce), sambal teri (anchovy sauce), and sambal terasi, a kind of sauce which is using dried shrimp paste. Orange juice and lime juice for the beverage. Delicious!!!

The location is on Jalan Kampus Politeknik Jimbaran (across University Udayana / Politeknik Negeri Bali) Telp : 0361 365-9896.

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