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Relaxation @ Mandara Spa

by - 11:26 PM

Two days ago, my friend has told me that she wanted giving me complimentary. She works at Mandara Spa, one of the best spa in the world. I thought that it was the products, but I got the body massage plus facial. I was happy very much. 

She asked me, "Do you want to meet my boss?" I could only laugh as she still hopes that I want receiving her boss offering to work there. I'd love to...the reason was my mom. She didn't let me having an overseas job. 

I admit this spa is very special. Everything is arranged professionally. Since I arrived, the therapist welcomed me friendly and she started explaining the  oil massage ingredients and for facial as well. I've heard the sandalwood patchouli, clove, ginger, lavender, mandarin bergamot, vetiver ylang ylang, and nutmeg. After I have chosen my favorite one, she started preparing.

I really enjoyed it. And I like the aroma inside the massage room. The decoration is traditional but still it looks luxurious.


If you want to relax on weekend, just come to Mandara Spa in Ayodya Resort Bali, in Nusa Dua area. I guarantee you will like it. I think I will go there again.

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5 komentar

  1. Absolutely awesome! I would be so proud if I could do something like this!!!!.Hair coloring davie

  2. @Angela : indeed it is the best spa I've ever known.

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    1. @Angela : you're welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.

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