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Do you like gadget? I do, but not as a maniac. My thought, if it is still okay, I will use it. When I entered my office world for the first time, in 2001, my papa who gave me a handphone. At that time, my salary was not enough to buy the expensive one. In 2003, it has been stolen when I went to the mall. Damn! I was angry, but what could I do? I couldn't find the thief. Lucky you, thief. Otherwise I would give you thousand punch :))))

New office and job have made my life was better than before. And how proud I was when I could have my favorite handphone (Nokia), I bought it by myself, with my own money. If I made my list, this small telephone had its own history. I could communicate with important persons, handled precious duty, achieved many goals, and I had many friends, partners, and boyfriend as well. *laugh* All of the memories have been saved well. If this handphone able to speak, definitely it can tell you a lot of stories than mine.

''Hello, can I speak with Wina please?''
''Hello, hi, Wina...this is me...are you busy? Can we have a meeting tomorrow?"
''Hello, love...'' *blushing*
''Hello, Wina...I don't like your email, it's too hard for me to finish it within two days. Please give me more days." *begging*

I could laugh, smile, confused, angry, and even cry with this lovely handphone. I couldn't forget it at all. And I don't want to throw it or consider it as garbage. It's too valuable for me. It's almost 11 years we go together and all the time. 

Now, it's a little bit broken, so I couldn't use it very often and I must have the new handphone. But my Nokia will always keep safely in the box. I love it too much.  In my new place with the new desk, I hope that I can make my own stories with my new handphone.  

Don't be jealous, my Nokia :-) You'll always be in my heart. Maybe you can have a chit chat with my new Samsung and tell how hard my life struggle is :-) 

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