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Mak Beng

by - 4:55 AM

Do you like fish? I really do. And my culinary schedule has stopped here a week ago. It's on Sanur area. The location is near the beach. I reached Jalan Hang Tuah No. 45. My driver paid the ticket, parked the car, and I started walking. 

My friends and I found the empty desk and chair. We sat down quickly, looked at the menu, and ordered directly. This place is always crowded. A lot of people like coming here and want tasting one of the famous food in Bali. This traditional warung has been opened since 1941 by Ni Ketut Tjuki which is usually called as Mak Beng and her husband I Putu Gede Wirya (Nyoo Tik Gwan). And the sambal recipe was from Mak Beng's mother in law.  

The standard portion consists of rice, fish soup, and fried fish. The price is Rp 34.000,- exclude the drink. And the main ingredient is tribang, local fish and it's only existed in Bali.   

While you're waiting the food to be served, you can look around and count how many important persons who has come there. They raised their thumb and I'm sure that it means great. Are you curious? Hahahaha, hold on...

Here we go! I looked at them one by one. And my saliva was flowing successfully. Oh, my...the aroma was nice. Super fresh, super yummy, and I enjoyed eating it. If you don't like sambal, don't take it as it's spicy. But for me...it didn't matter at all. I like spicy foods. It was amazing, there were delicious food, orange juice, and the beach. Perfect!

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