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Warung Saman

by - 6:54 PM

I'm always excited about lunch time. Why? It's time for me to think the various food and drink. Which one that will become my choice? My friend suggested me stopping at Warung Saman, Denpasar. Hhm, East Java culinary. I nodded my head and smiled. Agreed!

I looked around and read the menus. I felt like I was at home, comfortable :-) It smelled delicious. And when I checked the foods, oh my....it's truly home cooking. 

I chose the rice, vegetables soup, telur dadar (kind of plain omelet), perkedel kentang (potato which is cooked and fried by using Indonesian spices), fried shredded chicken, and sambal of course. It's yummy. Hold on your saliva when you see my friend's menu. I will add this place on my list :-)

These are served by Warung Saman. You must try. It seems that next week I will eat here again. Do you want to join with me?

Don't forget to take out these chips too. Kerupuk kampung :-)

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