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Madame Wang : The Secret Garden

by - 1:55 PM

This year my Christmas holiday is not good. I'm sick and not getting well until today. But I still had time to spend with my dear friends. Let me tell you about the lovely cafe in Jalan Telomoyo, Malang. It's so cute and I think it's perfect place for dating :))) I'm not kidding. I was impressed when I looked around. Once you have arrived, you can see the couture collection which is made from local cloth in some places in Indonesia. Beautiful, unique, gorgeous, and expensive. Just choose one of them. 

It smells good from the kitchen, and I directly order my favorite menu. It's Zupa Corn Cream Soup and Dilmah Jasmine Tea. Hhm, delicious. Perfect! I took other pictures of menu which was chosen by my friends. I had a chance to taste it, and yummy too. Baked macaroni, omelet, and apple strudel. Nice! I recommend you to come to Madame Wang, and you will find their beautiful secret garden. 

And smile!!! My face was not great at all :))) I wore thin jacket, felt cold, and weak. Ah, so silly. But the important thing was I could enjoy the moment. 

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