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Ayam Malioboro

by - 4:09 PM

I stopped by and just like usual, I looked around. The place is clean and comfortable. The waiter and waitress were quickly responded for our orders. My friends has chosen their favorite menu. While me? I was still busy searching the spicy one. Finally I've found it. The restaurant name is Malioboro. It serves pressurize cooked chicken. You can come to Jalan Kediri No. 50 J, Tuban, Bali. Delicious and not expensive, friendly price. Let's see some foods that we have eaten successfully. 

Ayam Sambal Petasan : my favorite menu : it's spicy
Sayur Asem : mix vegetables 

Sambal Mangga : Manggo with Sambal

Ayam telur asin : Salted eggs chicken
Plecing Kangkung : Water Spinach with sambal

Ayam Sambal Ijo : Chicken with sambal. It's using green chili and bitter bean

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