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On February 14, 2015 I was starving. My friends have asked me to go out on that special day. Yes, it was Valentine. We brought gifts. We went here and there finding the best restaurant. We wanted to eat and stayed longer as we liked to chit chat.

And we chose M23 on Jalan Drupadi No. 24 B, Renon, Denpasar. A lot of people and I saw them enjoying the food very much. My saliva started flowing. We sat down and decided ordering the package menu for four persons. Let's see it! Come...

Have you seen my menu? I can tell you, all of them are delicious. I was satisfied. We had rice, fried chicken, fresh vegetables (lalapan), sambal beberuk which is made from eggplant, plecing kangkung (water spinach with sambal and fried peanut), grilled chicken which is served with sambal kacang (peanut sauce), and the dessert is rujak (various fruits such as mango, cucumber, pineapple, and it's mixed by dried shrimp paste). Yummy!!!

Actually there were other pictures here, but my hands were dirty already, I couldn't hold on my stomach anymore. I was very hungry :))) We had vegetables soup, omelet, and cumi asam manis (squid which is cooked by frying and it tastes combination between sweet and sour). This place is recommended to be visited! 

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  1. yuhuuuuuuu,...............
    IM TRYING to blogging again !!

    hopefully the next post is us having dinner in Malang ^_^


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