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Hidden Valley

by - 12:57 AM

So far, I never stay in a place which is very private, calm, and peaceful. When my friend asked me to try, I can only say that I have my own sanctuary. It's covered by the forest. I can see the teak trees. And when I have arrived, it's not only the smile and genuine hospitality right there, but I can smell the fresh air.

I started sitting down in the lounge, opened my tablet, and tried writing the beauty of this place. A friendly waitress directly came to me while she brought the menu. I chose tea, black coffee, omelet, cold water, and tuna salad for my lunch. I could catch the nice smell when she prepared my order.

I decided walking around and took many pictures while the food it's not done yet. It's amazing. I think a writer like me is able to stay here for a long time. I can have both, mind and soul are having a good collaboration. When I was busy with my camera, suddenly a man said hello to me. And after we talked a lot, he introduced himself as the General Manager. Lovely! :-) He's very kind and humorous. He explained many things. While me? I kept playing with my pen. Those informations are very useful to be shared. Of course I listened to him especially when he told me everything about this resort. Well, after that, my friend has showed it to me, each room types. There are superior, deluxe, family room, and VIP Suite. Maybe someday I will stay at VIP Suite.

You will never forget once you have visited it.

Voila, the Hidden Valley.

Indeed it's beautiful and perfect for your relaxation. You can sleep and comfort yourself with their facility such as pools, game, and spa. Okay, follow me then. Let's see it!

The food were delicious, tea and coffee were great, and absolutely I will come  again. Thank you so much to Bapak Nyoman Kulem as the General Manager and my dear friend as the Marketing Manager. Literally, I could spend my time perfectly at Hidden Valley. Oh, also, gracias for the gift. I received a shirt which is my favorite color. See you soon....

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