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Dream & Laugh

by - 3:16 PM

I have a best friend. She's just amazing person that I've ever known so far. Let me describe her. She's very strong woman, always think positively, wise, and also very funny. I always learn from her how to be a better person everyday and how to manage myself as a wonderful daughter, a lady, a friend, a sister, or a lover.  

If my head is full enough with all of life stories, then I started talking to her. I share what has made me sad, cry, and angry in a high level. It's nice rather than I write it on my social media walls *laugh* First, she will ask detail and then try to answer it properly. In the end, I feel relieved. 

One day, I bought a coffee warmer and I told the seller to drop it on her office. After a couple of weeks, I sent her message that I will take it. She said : "Did I receive it already?" I was shocked, meanwhile she checked it again. For some minutes we talk each other. 

ME : As long as I remember, you have said that my coffee warmer was already in your office. 
MY BEST FRIEND : I'm old already.
ME : What about the five stars hotel certificates in Bali? You keep them too right? The key of Lambhorgini, Porsche, Mustang?
MY BEST FRIEND : Yes, I do. 

We laughed loudly. We often dream and laugh. Those luxurious things are just a joke. We only have simple dreams. She wants to have nice house with large garden as she likes planting such as flowers, fruits, and spices, while I want to get the stamp of best seller in my books, get married, and have two kids, just like her. If we keep imagining it, work so hard, and do the best, well...maybe someday we can achieve it. Dream means hope. Hope means alive. "Dear God, hear our prayers."   

I always enjoy my life. Any walk of life that I've been through has given me strength and lessons. We will never know what will happen tomorrow. All I know is just keep dreaming, keep laughing, keep trying, and keep eating. Don't forget to say thanks to the high above.  

I can see the sun is shining brightly this morning, stand on upstairs, chew my tuna sandwich, and drink my coffee. Life is good :-) 
Take a look of my mug, my friend from Qantas Airways in Jakarta gave it to me, it was a long time ago. I still use it. 


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