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Welcome The World of Thirty Nine!

by - 9:00 PM

The month of September 2016 becomes very special for me. It goes beautifully, I mean a lot of beautiful things happen. First, I have more fans. Don't laugh please, it's true you know :)) Suddenly some people that I've never recognized them before, they came in my house and started to look at my little library. They couldn't close their mouth when I told them that I have published 60 books so far. I swear to you, it was amazing when I saw their faces. Super funny, they're shocked! They are Pastors from some parishes in East Java and East Nusa Tenggara. See, I told you, I have more fans. I gave them one of my books, free of charge, a gift for them. 

You know what the second is? I just want to say to myself that, "Welcome The World of Thirty Nine!" September 18, 2016 was my birthday and I'm 39 years old now. People said that age is just number. I agree with them. I often think many times, God is great. He keeps giving me life and blessings, despite of my struggle has been quite hard to keep walking right on track. I try to enjoy it. If your life is just an easy thing, you won't see the rainbow. 

Let me tell you what God has given me so far. I can be a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur at the same time. Well, it's not big yet, but I can do what I love, and I love what I do. That's the point! Especially when I can fulfill my passion about the foods. It's really entertaining and exciting. Wow, cool right? :-)

Thank you, Jesus. If you still give me the privilege to be existed in this world, then guide my way. Without YOU, I'm nothing. The journey will be always wonderful when you keep holding my hands. 

Last, the third one, I have good friends. They always make a surprise on my birthday every year. Can you imagine how lovely is that? They will give me a hug and pray all the best for me. Yesterday, they brought brownie and they commanded me to light on the candles :)) We ate bakso together, drank soft drink and ice tea. They handed the birthday present too.

Oh, I got other gifts also. It's a t-shirt from my old friend in the college and yummy bread from my future sister in law.  And we had super delicious lunch, it's my mom's cooking. Two thumbs up!

I don't want to look at any obstacles, I just want to keep counting the blessings :-) And hhm...I like those gifts, but I like the attention and compassion more. Thank you, Guys. God bless you always!

One of true happiness is come from sincere friends ~ JW Rome #justmythought

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