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About me

My life is like a book
I go page by page, fight for everything, 
and hope for the happy ending


Writing is my passion. I've written many stories since I was in Junior High School. I prefer short stories at that time. It became my collection but then I burnt them all. I joined many activities in Senior High School, no writing at all. And the magical moment was at college. I have thousand ideas in my head suddenly and something has forced me to write novels. I did it! I could make four romance novels, bundled, covered, but not published yet. I kept dreaming that someday it can be filmed by Hollywood. Too high is it? :-)


For more than seven years I buried my stories. I'm drowning in office duties everyday. I often cried as I couldn't write anything. But I still have chance although a little. When my company PT. ABACUS INDONESIA has decided to distribute their own magazine and newsletter, I had my portion, wrote some articles right there. It's okay, I've understood that any kind of experiences become valuable in my life.

Me as the Airlines Solution Team

Presented  important agenda in front of 
my Managing Director and customers in Bandung


 Me and my friends as the calendar model

Last action before my resignation


I must wait for eleven years to be a real writer. I never thought that my books will be read as I didn't know how to deal with the publishers. Finally, God has made some of my dreams come true and I carve my own way. I've been working hard since 2010 until now and it's truly amazing when I realized that I've published 60 books, 3 Indonesian novel, 10 English novels, 1 kid's story, and 46 collaboration books with other talented writers. Plus my four books have been displayed in Gramedia, the biggest book store in Indonesia.

My new look as a writer
No make-up, just t-shirt and jeans
I open a new door for another life chapter