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Snack in Confusion

by - 4:21 PM

Chips are gone, glass jars are empty, and my Mom did not cook anything today. O...ooo...O....ooo...
I only ate pudding this morning and I'm hungry now. Open the refrigerator and I just find traditional fermented soybean cake, we usually call here tempe kacang. I make the spices, pour it into liquid flour, and last put tempe kacang in it. Then I fry it. Wash the chili and voila...snack in confusion is existed this noon. Hahahaha...! Ssst...stop laughing...I'm still hungry anyway.


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2 komentar

  1. snack in confusion??? hahahha
    interesting tittle

  2. Hahahahaha, iyogh. Lha luwe, dadi akhir'e tempe kacang di goreng.
    Really confused as I didn't have anything in my refrigerator except this tempe kacang.


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