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Abon Tongkol

by - 3:52 PM

 "Take the wok, Wina!"
"A bowl too."
I said : "Ok, Mom!"
We start to shred the fish.
It's tongkol.
Tongkol : tuna.
Prepare the spices :
shallot (bawang merah), garlic (bawang putih),
screwpine leaf (daun pandan), kaffir lime leaf (daun jeruk),
and lemongrass (serai)
fried with oil

And then 5 minutes later

ordinary chili (cabe merah besar), 
bird eye chili (cabe rawit),
and ginger (jahe),
pulverized in a mortar

Mix it together in a wok
Give salt and sugar
If you want to make it more spicy,
you can add bird eye chili
Stir it up
Make the spices blend with tuna
Cook the tuna well
And...here we go!
 Abon tongkol is ready.
Abon : shredded meat that has been boiled and fried
In this edition, we change meat with tuna :-)
It's my Mom Manado food list.
Green tea as the drink :-)


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  1. @Yhosie : enaaakkkkkkkkk puol, Chi. Dulu aku sering di kirimi Mama, anak kos di kirimi lauk gini jan seneng nemen. Awet.


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