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Your Hand

by - 3:11 AM

During this month, June 2011...
the date of 16 is the saddest day for me
I have posted @Hospital previously,
talked about my big uncle

He has passed away, Jesus has taken him
I can't stop crying as he is my inspiration,
especially about personality management

But...I thank God....still...
as I could spend my time with him during his sickness 
I could hold his body, kissed his hand, held it,
and gave my smile to him 

Rest in peace, Pakdhe
Your name will always be remembered in my heart
and the most important is...
Your hand has shaped my life into a good life

When you're still alive, I can only offer you, my hand
But in heaven...you can have the most peaceful touch from His hand
 I love you, Pakdhe...
We will meet again someday right there 
(whispering mode on) and Jesus....please take care of him :-)

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