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Beautiful Morning :-)

by - 9:36 AM

When I woke up today,
I can breathe, smell the fresh air, hear the birds chirp
stretching my legs, showering with clean water,
feel the nice and cold weather,
sit down in the dining room,
see my parents right there with smile
"Let's have breakfast, my child."

I can only be grateful to God for all of this
Talking each other with my Mom and Dad,
sharing stories with them while we're enjoying the food...
it's really beautiful morning to me

Before I start all of my activities, 
my parents always ask me joining for breakfast
Today, we all ate PECEL
We bought it near our house
Thanks, Dad :-)

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4 komentar

  1. Win: ilingno ya, ntik lek pas balik, kita makan pecel bareng yo... ketoke sing cedek rumahmu ini enak banget ya...

  2. @Kinner : SIAP!Tp porsi kuli,Ta.Aku ae lek maem pecel iki,nganthek bengi ga mangan.Hahahahaha.Wareggggggg.Info ae lek kate mulih Indo yogh.Engkok tak gorengno pitik opo lek ga endhog ceplok,soale iki pecel original,ga dodolan lawuh wong'e.

  3. Sembarang Win, pasrah aku, meh mbok gorengno endog, kucing, opo pitik, nerimo aku, pokoke ono pecel mbek peyeke...

  4. @Kinner : leeeh,gorengan kuceng dadakno.Sopo sing katene nyekel,Ta?Hih.


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