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Woku Teri Nasi

by - 7:38 PM

Previously, there is Woku in my blog
The ingredients might be different
It can be fish or anchovy

Take a look this picture
Woku teri nasi
Another recipe from Manado
Let me explain to you,
teri means anchovy, and nasi is rice
It is called teri nasi,
because the shape is so tiny just like the rice

The smell is very good,
and it tastes delicious of course
The main spices are turmeric leaf and belimbing wuluh
Belimbing wuluh is including as star fruit

 It's done already, yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Don't forget to call a friend, a bowl of hot rice :-)
 And this is belimbing wuluh
don't try to eat it, as it's very sour

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2 komentar

  1. I've never tried Woku teri nasi before, would love to after reading your article :)

  2. @Kinner : you can order it to my Mom :-)It's truly delicious n hot,Ta.


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