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Es Puter

by - 4:03 PM

A man with his hand cart passed by 
My mom and I watched the television
We looked at each other
And she asked me, "Did you want to buy it?"
I nodded happily

Yeyyy, I screamed!
It has been so long I never eat this ice
I took my big mug and bought the ingredients completely
There were bread slices, seaweed, and mutiara
Mutiara : made from tapioca flour, the color is pink
See my previous article Initial JG

Es : ice | puter : twist
It's only a name anyway
But, outside the cooler box, 
there are a lot of salt in order to make the ice is frozen quickly,
traditional way according to my mom

Hhm, yummy
I added the chocolate milk
Last, poured it with chocolate sprinkles

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