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Ikan Bakar

by - 7:16 PM

I think everyone will always feel hungry,
when they can smell the smoke of ikan bakar
It's truly delicious!
Ikan : fish | bakar : grilled

Yesterday I had a great time with my best friends
It started at 6.30 pm
We laughed, we shared our stories each other,
we kept mocking many funny things in our life,
and of course...we enjoyed the dinner

My mom and I who cooked these menu,
nasi putih panas, ikar salem bakar, sambal dabu-dabu, sayur kangkung, 
and ikan lele goreng

Nasi putih panas : hot rice
Sambal : sauce | Dabu-dabu : Manadonese
Sayur : vegetable | Kangkung : water spinach
Ikan lele goreng : fried catfish | Ikan salem : mackerel

For the dessert, 
I served hot local coffee (made in Manggarai, Flores)
plus special chips from Japan
Well, it was perfect night
All of them went home at 11.20 pm

Ikan Salem Bakar
Sambal Dabu-dabu

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