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Yesterday, my aunt asked me for having lunch together
Mom and Dad came also
It was great time as we seldom to meet
We could laugh and share stories each other

Okay, let's find out what we ate 
Do you like fish?
This restaurant is serving various menu 
and use fish as the main ingredient
But don't worry, there are other dishes also

IBC = Ikan Bakar Cianjur
Ikan : fish | Bakar : grill | Cianjur : a name of city in West Java

This place has been started since 1989 in Cianjur 
and tried to introduce Sundanese food
It's cooked traditionally, simple, and delicious
They have many branches from Jakarta to Bali

Welcome to IBC Malang
Nice view!

We ordered rice, fried tofu, 
soto ayam (chicken soup), sup iga (ribs soup),
and hot tea

And this is the favorite menu
Ikan bakar (grilled fish) with sambal kecap (ketchup sauce)

Ikan Bakar
Thank you Om Nico, Tante Yanti, and Grace :-)

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