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3 Colors : Part II

by - 11:02 PM

We've come to another serial
I've told you previously in my story 3 Colors
that I haven't scanned my own pictures
when my family and I were in Flores
We spent our holiday right there
Are you ready for my private tour?
Let's go!

Sailed with Kelimutu ship

On the way to the Kelimutu lake, we stopped by in this place,
a traditional market in Moni village
Everything is cheap here
Look, my Mom and my Dad bargained

My Mom, 
see the lake behind her, the colors are bright and dark green
My Mom and my 2nd brother
Me and my 3rd brother
Me again with my 3rd brother,
see the color of the lake behind us, it's black
I remembered my 3rd brother was so scared squatting there
Me....felt exhausted very much in climbing
I would like to see Soekarno monument in the top of mountain
We visited our family as there was a traditional custom ceremony,
celebrated 3 years the death of my grandma
The man who danced in front was my big uncle Benny Rengga Redu,
who has passed away a month ago
*I miss him (how much I lost him, 
I wrote my sadness in my article "Your Hand"*
He is the KEPALA SUKU, so all of the people in the village really respect him
Kepala suku : ethnic headman
My uncle with the relatives
Take a look of their traditional clothes :-)
My next novel will use this island as the setting
The creepy story about the unusual creature
Suanggi ; Nocturnal Evil Sorcerer

All pictures were taken about 14 years ago
Beautiful moment!

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